McFadden, Jonathan R. "International Trade in Agricultural Machinery."

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Current Works in Progress

McFadden, Jonathan R. and Alicia S. Rosburg. 2019. "Influence of Data on Technical Efficiency in Midwest Corn Production: Evidence from Yield and Soil Maps" (R&R).

McFadden, Jonathan R. and John A. Miranowski. 2017. "U.S. Climate Change Adaptation along the Intensive and Extensive Margins."

McFadden, Jonathan R. 2020. "Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for Foods with Labels Proposed by USDA to Meet the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard" (submitted).

Kuruc, Kevin and Jonathan R. McFadden. "Estimating the Social Cost of Meat."

McFadden, Jonathan R., David J. Smith, and Steven Wallander. 2019. "Adpotion of Drought-Tolerant Corn in the US: A Field-Level Analysis of Adoption Patterns and Emerging Trends" (revising).

Lacy, Katherine, Wallace E. Huffman, and Jonathan R. McFadden. 2019. "How Informed are U.S. Consumers about New Food Technology? A Role for New Information." (revising)

Jonathan R. McFadden

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